clubs & houses

Report on Clubs and Houses


The school has a total strength of 1010 students & 65 teachers of which the students are equally divided in to four houses namely Mercury, Mars, Jupiter & Neptune comprising of 3 teachers in each house. Various monthly competition is conducted & points are allotted to the students of their respective houses.

CLUB : Four clubs are being introduced namely Science, Math, Art & Literary club. One period every week.
Science Club : We help our students to acquire basic knowledge of science, to develop a scientific way of learning. Students participation is active & cultivate interest in learning science through various activities.

Art Club : It is a fun packed activity for our kids. Children have fun in learning, drawing. We provide an opportunity for students to come up with their talents & skills.

Math Club : It is a non-competitive way of studying math & is totally away from textbook math.

Literary Club : This club provides a platform to inculcate a fondness for language & enhance their literary skills to display their intellectual & independent thinking skills & imbibe a sense of confidence